Sunday, 7 February 2016

32 Pearls social responsibility

Our social responsibility initiative “Change a life with a smile” is primarily aimed at restoring the smiles of the economically-
socially downtrodden and rehabilitating them back into society with dignity through compassionate cosmetic dentistry & implant 
dentistry procedures at no cost. It is primarily meant for people who have lost some or all of their teeth in the smile zone for 
various reasons, but not neglect.
We always have believed that if one wants to do that little bit for society, we could do it with whatever little we have. It could be 
in any form, be it in the form of a service, time or even monetarily. It would make a lot of difference in somebody’s life and bring 
that invaluable smile on to their faces that money can’t buy. Do remember that we have been lucky to be in better situations and was 
not our choice and it wasn’t the choice of those unlucky ones either.
We believe the best way we could give back to society is through our work. We along with our associates could better the lives of so 
many people who cannot afford long lasting dental rehabilitation in the smile zone. It makes a big difference in their confidence and 
approach towards life, in the way they eat and drink and eventually in the quality of their lives.
You could be a part of this initiative just like our associates by volunteering your time or expertise or help raising funds to meet 
the costs involved in restoring their smiles or even referring someone who could benefit from the “Change a life with a smile” 
The intention of this program is to restore missing teeth in the smile zone only and does not cover dental neglect. It is also the 
sole discretion of the treating dentists to determine the eligibility of a candidate and by an appropriate procedure within the 
program. To enroll a potential candidate or to become an associate, please mail details to and we would get 
back to you shortly.
Come join us, restore a smile and restore a life.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

32 Pearls Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism means traveling abroad for affordable dental care, dental treatment, dental surgery or dental procedures, which are generally expensive in one's own country. Dental tourism forms 10 per cent of the total Indian medical tourism which is projected to grow at 40 per cent to Rs 9500 crore by 2015.
World class Dental Clinics all over India with US trained dentists and specialists in Dental implants, smile design and cosmetic Dentistry.Dental Tourism India enables international patients to save on dental treatments while exploring India. Dental Implants India is the best destination to save without compromising on quality.
World class dental Clinics all over India with US trained dentists and specialists in dental implants, smile design and cosmetic dentistry.We are foremost in free information on all kinds of affordable dental treatments in India from the highly qualified and experienced professionals. We can arrange for your travel and tours in India at most competitive rates. So Come let us redesign the way you smile without compromising on quality and save up to 80% on your Dental Treatments.
Why Signature Smiles?
We are a renowned and trusted dental care a number of local and international patients on daily basis. The following factors help us keep our clinic on the top in the International market.
Cost Effectiveness: One of the first considerations individuals from abroad ponder on is the lower dental fees in India. Whilst comparing treatment costs across various clinics in India, it is important to make a note of the different materials and types used. Various dental clinics may use lower quality in trading off with the treatment fees. We at Signature Smiles use latest material and technology all at affordable rates.

Dentist Qualification: The most important factor in a successful dental treatment is undoubtedly the skill, qualification and experience of the dentist. All our dentists are trained overseas and updated on the latest in the field of dentistry.

Service standards: ISO certification and strict sterilization protocol is an assurance of our high service standards.
Timeline for Dental Treatment : We offer effective scheduling, quick and precise treatments, thanks to our in -house dental lab. This is a vital factor in handling overseas cases
Customized Affordable Packages: Dental procedures and cost estimate differ from case to case. Hence we are happy to assist you with a customized package that can include your-
  • Treatment plan
  • Travel
  • Accommodation
  • Airport Transfers
  • Hotel pick Up

Offers: We keep having special offers on various treatments. Our co-ordinator will be happy to assist you with these, on request

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Avail Cost-Effective, Yet Exceptional Dental Implant Surgery in India

“How much do dental implant costs” is the most common phrase searched worldwide. At present, medical tourism is largely prevalent. At the same time, the dental tourism in India has been a wonderful experience countless international patients. One gets painless dental treatments with fantastic benefits.
Furthermore, the dental implant treatments in India has become quite popular amongst foreign patients. India offers highly competitive dental implant costs compared to those in many other countries participating in medical tourism. Dental tourism in India offers an amazing experience in terms of quality treatments and highly reduced prices.
Here is your one-stop solution to your specific dental treatment – Dr. Bhalla Dental Clinic in Ahmedabad, India. Dr. Rahul Mathur is one of the best dentists and has more than 10 years of experience serving the patients with simple-to-complex dental problems.
Get your Dental Package Today!
Other benefits covered in Dental Implant Prices in India
Herein, we can actually justify an importance of dental tourism in India. Dental tourism would rather mean a fantastic combination of the low cost dental treatments and an opportunity to visit the place you actually seek your treatment from.
You will get about 60 to 70% cost cutting in overall expenses for the treatment, much lesser than the costs of same treatment that you would seek in your native. In your overall treatment costs, you will also able to cover other expenses for accommodation, airfare, food, transportation and sightseeing. Allahabad is a mega city with tremendous lifestyle and facilities, comparatively less costlier than other metro cities in India.
Allahabad offers phenomenal places to visit. The city also offers the most convenient land and air connectivity to other Indian territories. Since you are being treated in Allahabad, you can easily manage your travel itinerary at your ease!
32 Pearls Dental Clinic – the great alternatives to other surgeries
The advantages of dental implant surgery against any other dental treatments are awesome. It’s a great alternative to dentures, crowns and dental bridges. The dental implants are long-lived and highly effective in appearance and functions. They act alike our original teeth.
One is more likely going to save additional costs that may be incurred through some repetitive dental procedures in the future. In that way, you save a lot of money and stay fit ever!

3 Ways Coffee Can Harm your Teeth

The coffee can cause several oral issues, and it’s more than just a teeth-strainer.

Let’s see how coffee affects our teeth and oral health,
Harming our teeth
Teeth stains are common that occur due to coffee. The teeth enamels that are the toughest substance in our body have some small holes and long narrow edges on them. More use of coffee can let the dark elements stick in them. If proper dental care is not maintained, it can worsen with permanent teeth damages.
Note: Appropriate oral hygiene is recommended. The teeth whitening treatment can even clean your stubborn teeth stains.
Peeling of teeth
The coffee also affects the hardest of our teeth covering. Its acidic nature forms the wear and tear of enamels. One can avoid it in many ways. You should keep rinsing or cleaning your teeth after each coffee use. It prevents the plaques to form on teeth. Avoid brushing your teeth immediately after drinking or eating, as it can damage the enamels. You can brush at least one hour later. One can also use a straw to drink such beverages to prevent their direct contact with teeth.
Bad breath
A substance called caffeine that is present in coffee may also dry out the saliva in our mouth. This situation can prompt a bacterial growth rapidly with bad breath.
Important to know,
The coffee has a positive impact too. Its levels of caffeine high in amounts can help us to fight against bacterial attacks. Unfortunately, it’s coffee mixed with sugar that damages our teeth. That’s why the black coffee is often a reason to drink over.
Any food or drink that is regulated in use is always right. One has no other option but to follow an excellent oral hygiene ever!
If you have any dental issue or relevant query, feel free to contact us for suitable dental treatment or advice. We will be happy to assist you.

Friday, 22 January 2016

What is a dry socket and what should I know about it?

A dry socket, often referred to as “alveolar osteitis”, is an uncommon complication that occurs after a tooth extraction. It’s termed “dry socket” because the wound site appears bare or dry.
What are the symptoms?
Patients with this condition find that they have increasing, throbbing pain in the area three to five days after the removal of their tooth. This is normally the period of time during which discomfort starts to decrease.
What causes dry socket?
Contrary to popular belief, a dry socket is not an infection. Rather, it is a failure of the wound area to heal, allowing the underlying bone to become irritated. It is caused by dislodgement of the blood clot that forms initially over the wound, the purpose of this clot being to allow essential blood cells to access and heal the area.
How can I avoid it?
After any extraction, your dentist will usually advise you about measures you should take to reduce the chance of developing a dry socket. Key recommendations include avoiding smoking; drinking only through a straw; and spitting in the first 24 hours after having a tooth removed. This gives the area the best chance of healing.
Are there any long-term complications associated with a dry socket?
No. It is a treatable, short-term complication that does not have any long-term consequences.
“Help, I think I have a dry socket!”
If you develop pain three to five days after having a tooth extraction, make sure you avoid smoking. Then contact your treating dentist for an emergency appointment so that they can examine the area and put in place a medication to relieve your discomfort

Are sugar-free soft drinks better for my teeth than regular soft drinks?

We all know the effects of sugar on our waistlines, not to mention the adverse effects on our teeth, but if you believe switching from sugar-filled to sugar-free is the answer you would be wrong.
The Oral Health Cooperative Research Centre has recently revealed that sugar-free versions of soft drinks, sports drinks and confectionary products can wreak just as much havoc on your dental health as the sugar-laden varieties.
“Both sugar-containing and sugar-free soft drinks (including flavoured mineral waters) produced measurable loss of the tooth surface, with no significant difference between the two groups of drinks,” Dr. Rahul Mathur
Dr. Rahul Mathur tested 15 soft drinks (including three sugar-free brands) on extracted healthy human molars that were free of cavities.
They found that despite claims to the contrary, sugar-free products are still potentially harmful to teeth due to high levels of acids that strip away the surface layers of tooth enamel; in advanced stages exposing the softer dentin or pulp of the tooth.
This can lead to chalkiness of the tooth’s surface, pitting, opacity, tooth sensitivity and other issues.
Parents of young children will understandably be concerned about these findings given many believe they are sparing their children’s dental health with sugar-free substitutes.
“We’ve seen bad erosion in the teeth of children aged two to three-years-old, and signs of erosion in permanent teeth of older children,” says Dr. Rahul Mathur.
“Banning sugar-containing beverages from schools may have positive health effects for reducing obesity, diabetes and dental caries but it may not reduce the risk of dental erosion.”
What should I be drinking instead of sugar-free soft drinks?
32 pearls dental clinic researchers recommend fluoridated tap water as the best option for teeth, as well as milk, which is not erosive on teeth
If you must drink or eat an acidic product, rinse your mouth out with water afterwards and wait an hour before brushing your teeth, as doing so can remove the softened layer of tooth.


You go to your doctor for routine check-ups with your body, but what your OB-GYN doesn’t check is your oral health. Maintaining good oral health while pregnant is totally safe and something that is often overlooked during the duration of pregnancy. As your hormones change, your risk of developing gum disease increases.
Keeping your oral health in good standing all year long will help in case you can’t get a routine check-up in before you get pregnant. With increased risk for periodontal disease, dental appointments are more necessary than ever. Once you reach your second trimester, your dentist will work with you to keep dental exams safe and healthy for both you and your baby, putting off any elective dental procedures until after the baby is born.
Dental procedures such as root canals, x-rays, or other procedures that require anesthesia can be postponed until after the baby is born. Even in the event of an emergency, advanced dental technology has made x-rays much safer, and our dental staff will use cautionary measures to keep mom and baby safe.
During pregnancy, pay attention to symptoms such as tenderness in the gums, bleeding gums, swelling, or other unusual pains. If you notice any of these, contact your Raleigh dentist immediately. These could be signs of periodontal disease and should be treated right away.
If you have questions about the safety of dentistry while pregnant, call our friendly staff at Better Dentistry.